My Top Tips to feeling Relaxed infront of the Camera x

You’ve spent countless hours planning and talking and thinking about your Special Day. We all have a dream and expectation of what you want it to be.

Your wedding only lasts a day but your photo’s will last forever.

If your feeling nervous about your wedding photography your not alone, I get it! It’s not easy being infront of a photographer and a camera pointing at you! 

I’ll always do my best to put you at ease and make you feel comfortable but here are a few tips to help you feel natural, happy and at ease in your pics!

1. Try to Relax! Easier said than done! Being photographed on your Wedding Day is different to any other time, you will be on a natural high, whether you have a big wedding surrounded by family and friends or a small intimate elopement with just the two of you. You will be looking and feeling amazing, your adrenaline will be pumping and your emotions will all be there.  Feel those emotions – hug, kiss, touch and don’t be afraid to have the most fun ever!  

2. Be in the moment. If your in it and not thinking about me or my camera I can capture it so that you can re-live that magical moment again and again. Everyone will say it… “your day will be over in a flash!” This is one of the reasons I love my job so much. Imagine how amazing I feel knowing that I have caught the first time you looked at eachother, the farther seeing the bride, the mother seeing her son all smart and grown up! Friends enjoying being with you and family feeling proud. It’s the BEST!

3. Have Fun. It can take a little time to get comfortable but it gets easier, I promise after a few minutes you will start to enjoy the moment and forget about the camera.  One secret to capturing candid, organic moments is movement. Moving your position and interacting with eachother and those around you helps me to capture genuine, realistic shots and should help you forget I’m there. I’ll keep shooting while you keep moving and together we will create magic!

4. Have an Engagement shoot. I offer all my couples the chance to have an Engagement/ Save The Date session. This is a great opportunity for us get to know eachother and help make you feel more comfortable when it comes to your Special Day. You will know what to expect from me and hopefully feel like your with a friend and I not some stranger with a camera!  There are lots of lovely locations in the South West so you can dress casually, bring along any four-legged friends or little one’s and make a day of it!  Bring along some bubbles, coffee’s or hot chocolates! A picnic or even include an activity you like to do together, I’ll tag along for an hour or two and capture your time together. 

I hope these tips help you to understand that the best way to get great pics is to just relax, be with those you love and enjoy every minute.

If you are looking for a Wedding Photographer in Devon or Cornwall and would like to chat more about the possibility of me capturing your Special Day I would love to hear from you

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